It is the third Arc of Legendary Moonlight Sculptor. It start from Volume 2 Chapter 10 to Volume 3 Chapter 4.

Summary Edit

After finishing his business in Lavias, Weed jumps down with all the loot dropped from his dungeon crawling. Below, Mapan, a level 70 merchant, was conducting his usual trade in the central plaza of Baran village,when he sees him falling down, fact that panics all nearby players.After landing using Feather of Lightness,Weed meets with the only one brave enough not to runaway, Mapan and sells him his loot: 9 full bags of items, which, when traded with a store owner rases Mapan's level 14 times and his Trade skill  level three times.The village's guards, Weed's old acquaintances, welcome him respectfully,  fact that causes a swarm of curious players to flood the plaza . Mapan concludes that forming a partnership with him would be very profitable and decides to accompany him on his journey to Somren, despite finding out his class is Sculptor and realizing that their pairing  merchant/sculptor is the worst combination to travel across Barogue Mountain which is full of dangerous monsters.That's how their mutual profit friendship begun.

Weed's combat&commercial potential far surpassed Mapan's expectation when dealing with a huge number of werewolves easily, making jewelry from unpolished gems and seeing through the evil quartet's plan.

Achievement Edit

  • Acquired new skill: Medical Botany,
  • Passed 'Beginner's Training Hall' trial and getting Lion's Roar skil
  • First Discovery and exploration of 'The Tomb of the Instrument-loving Dwarf'

Quest Completed Edit

Item Obtained Edit

Include equipment, tools and worth-mentioned material.

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