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There were various mountains around the town of Morata. After the ice that had piled up melted, the surface of the rock was exposed. Weed climbed the mountain while holding Zahab’s Carving Knife.No matter if it was day or night, Weed never forgot to make sculptures. When the sun rose, he had made many sculptures. There were strong tough men with weapons such as swords dancing around. When the moon rose, there were women as well[1].

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A girl dancing on one leg. Four soldiers brandishing long spears. Shirtless men showing off around the campfire. Women doing sensual and provocative dances. The dancing was full of energy. The Memory of the Night Festival in Morata had been created[2].

It took over ten days to complete.

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A Night in Morata

A moonlight sculpting masterpiece! You have completed the piece A Night in Morata! A piece that represents people dancing!An astonishing dance full of passion and energy was born. Unfortunately the sculpture was damaged a few times during creation. Incomplete sculpture. Because of the reputation for being an excellent sculpture, it does not appear to be a mistake. The sculptor gave this piece endless possibilities. This piece will be talked of for many years. No one will forget the creative and artistic skills that the sculptor used.The name of this sculpture will remain in the history of the Versailles Continent.

Artistic Value: 6300

An excellent work created by the Sculptor Weed


15% increased Health and Mana regeneration during the day.

30% increased Health

All stats increased by 10

All chef, dancer, and bard skills are one level higher.

Other statue effects do not overlap

Number of Moonlight masterpieces so far: 1

Trivia Edit

Weed stat inreased Sculpting skills have improved. Handicrafting has increased to advanced level 4. An additional 8% increase to all handtools and it will affect various areas. Sculptural Understanding has increased by 1 level. Fame has increased by 110. Art stats have increased by 5. Stamina has increased by 1. All stats increase by 2 for create a Moonlight masterpiece. Number of Moonlight masterpieces so far: 1

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