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Weed made this scupture because he was asked by Mandol[1] to make a sculpture of his unborn child. Weed charged him 1 copper for this. Neither did he want to attach any name to the sculpture.

Description Edit

Each doll is a different stage of a girls life. Every doll he completed after that was taller and had longer hair. The hairstyles also changed several times, ranging from long straight hair men preferred to a lively pixie cut. There is 41 dolls.

  • 1 The first one is of a newborn baby. It was a little girl who had just been born. Her skin was wrinkled, and she looked like she was about to cry, as if she had truly come into the world for the first time. She was small enough to be held in one hand.
  • 2 Second doll was her in her first year, she’ll start toddling, and changing her diapers will be awful then, too. From a parent’s perspective, it’ll be a time when they can’t help but be worried all the time. She was covered a clean cloth. Weed completed the doll of a little girl gurgling into a laugh at her first birthday party!
  • 3 The third doll, She was taller, and her fingers and toes had grown longer. She also had hair in cute pigtails.
  • 4 Fourth doll was wearing a kindergarten uniform. It was a doll of a young student wearing adorable clothes and even a backpack.
  • 5 The fifth doll had grown up quickly; it was time for her to go to elementary school. She had just been a baby-faced and cute kid until now, but from the sixth, she began to have a slightly feminine charm. The little girl who made mischief and ran around like the queen of the neighborhood would grow up charmingly. Her eyes would be as playful as before, but brighter, and she would be taller.
  • 6-13 various stage until womanhood
  • 14-16 the fourteenth doll, she had already graduated high school and had become an adult. She had grown into a woman who seemed very energetic and talkative. As if she was going to suddenly bring her boyfriend over to introduce him to her parents, she had rosy cheeks and charming expressions. He even made pretty accessories like a hairband and necklace with through crafting. She only needed a book bag and a uniform in her high school years, but she was now a college girl. She had a bag and heels, which were like the lifeblood of a woman.
  • 17 From the seventeenth doll, as if no one could capture the passage of time, the small newborn baby that had to be cared for had found a job.
  • 18 The eighteenth doll even went into volunteer work to help people in difficult situations.
  • 19-20 In the nineteenth, she brought home a boyfriend,
  • 21-22 In the twenty-first, she got married. He even made a reliable and thoughtful husband with her; they were a couple that matched each other like lovebirds. He made the wedding guests with materials like deer or rabbit leather, and they celebrated the couple’s future.
  • 23-35 The twenty-third doll even had a child, and she lived in a happy home. She did the dishes with her husband, the laundry and cleaning, and went to work as she lived happily. Every time a doll was completed, the woman would age, and the passage of time became apparent as wrinkles appeared in her lovely visage. Dolls that raised children and lived with her husband. Past the young and immature days that had sparkled like jewels, the time that the doll experienced accelerated.
  • 36-40 From the thirty-sixth one onwards, the doll spent more time alone; her children had grown up, found jobs, and married. She became a grandmother and took naps, read books, and made yarn scarves for her grandson and granddaughter.
  • 41 The forty-first doll happily and quietly closed her eyes. She was in a place with her family.

Sculpture Information Edit

Unnamed Mythical Sculpture

A gift thrown into the world by a Sculptor possessing talent and effort at the level of amazing a God! The entire process of a human’s life, from birth to death, has been expressed in a sculpture. The Sculptor’s perfect skills can even be felt in the meticulous needlework – absolutely perfect needlework, without even a single loose stitch or missing hair. It is not known what Sculptor was able to make such a profound work of art.

Artistic Value: A blessing to sculpting. It will become an opportunity to develop the continent’s sculpting a step higher. 24,610.

Special Options: Those who have seen the Unnamed Mythical Sculpture will have their Health and Mana regeneration speed increased by 32% for a day. Increases maximum Health and Mana by 30% for a day. Strengthens the effects of blessing magic for a day. Increases All Stats by 20. Increases Agility and Courage by an additional 7%. Increases movement speed by 30%. Can shorten the time taken because the farther one goes, the faster movement speed becomes. Increases birth rate of the city or region where the statue is located by 100%. Reduces the violent tendencies of residents. It will be a very big help to security, but the natural increase of warriors and soldiers will decrease. Permanently increases Health by 500. Permanently increases the Wisdom and Intelligence of the Human race by a maximum of 15.

Effects do not stack with other sculptures. An unfinished Mythical work.

Trivia Edit

  • Sculptor Skill increase

Sculpting skill proficiency has greatly improved. Handicraft skill proficiency has greatly improved. Sculpture Comprehension skill level has increased by 1.

  • Sculptor stat increase

Art stat has risen by 89. Charm has risen by 26. Fame has increased by 2, because the artist who made the work was set to be unknown. Perseverance has risen by 41. Wisdom has risen by 10.

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